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Independent Medical Evaluations, Inc.

IME a National Company Providing
Independent Medical Exams, Doctor Exams, and Legal Defense Exams
In All 50 States

(800) 968-4637     info@imei.com


  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Inc. has been providing Independent Medical Exams (IMEs), legal defense doctor exams, independent medical exams, and rendering medical and legal opinions since 1986. Our conservative physician partners are board certified doctors and some are dual certified, as Independent Medical Exam (IME) disability evaluating physicians by the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians.
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Inc. has over 9,000 doctors and physicians that are trained in forensic medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and the American Disability Evaluation specialty. Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) prides itself on the hours of extra examination training that our board certified physicians have spent on doctor exams, legal defense exams, and learning the legal way of reporting medical or non-medical patient condition examinations.
  • Independent Medical Evaluation's (IME) staff of experienced medical and legal nurse consultants offer in-depth legal defense doctor exams knowledge and experience and are readily available to discuss your case on a phone call.
  • Legal Nurse Consultants are available to organize case files and review defense exam synopsis of cases to save our customers money and assist in prompting a chronological report.
  • Our Best Practices quality assurance department is managed by legal nurse consultants and before any reports are released all doctor exams, legal defense exams, and independent medical exam issues are addressed on the cover letter. The medical case evaluation report gives IME customers decisions on managing the outcome of the case.
  • A faxed appointment, cost confirmation document and the cost of legal nurse consulting and medical case evaluation appointment follows.
  • Verbal and written medical case evaluation reports are faxed after the doctor exam, IME, and legal defense medical examinations are complete.
  • IME schedules doctor exams, independent medical exams, and legal defense exams with board certified medical doctor physician experts in any specialty nationwide, usually within 50-100 miles of claimants home, or anywhere in the United States.
  • Physician file review with a phone consultation to discuss doctor exams, and legal defense exam findings is available upon request.
  • Cite letters with directions to the physician examination appointment with a board certified medical doctor are mailed 10 days prior to all IME medical exams.
  • Medical releases are obtained from the claimant at the time of the doctor exam or IME legal medical physician evaluation.
  • IME doctor exam, legal defense exams information, or medical literature research on complicated cases can be compiled upon request.
  • Doctor exam criteria and legal defense examination forms are completed on the various types of IME medical evaluations, even those independent medical exams that involve unique or specialty physician evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions of IME Doctor Exams and Independent Medical Evaluations:

1.       What can I do to ensure that this doctor knows what I want in my legal medical examination report?

  • How do I obtain all the doctor medical exams records from the incident report, emergency department, all medical treatment records, all physician specialist diagnostic tests and physical therapy exam notes? Also how do I obtain a doctor or medical physician release immediately before paying any benefits and avoid paying IME legal defense exams treatment or diagnostic bills until I receive the IME Independent Medical Examination reports.

  • Who will provide the doctor with a cover letter that summarizes your questions regarding the IME independent medical examination, doctor exams, or independent medical exams?

  • How can I receive a doctor exam, legal defense exam, or independent medical record review and also speak to the conservative physicians or doctors before they evaluate the claimant with an independent medical exam?

  • How do I select the appropriate doctor or physician specialist that is board certified with the specialized training required to properly conducts a conservative or independent medical legal exam? IMEI suggests that you work with a legal nurse consulting broker company such as IME, Inc. who has highly trained board certified doctors and physicians available for medical examinations.

  • IMEI suggests that you ask to see the doctor's resume and a sample IME medical examination report or copies of previous legal defense doctor exams.

2.       What should I look for in choosing a conservative physician specialist or board certified doctor for my case exam?

  • Board Certified Physicians: This is critical, especially if the conservative physician or board certified doctor is to testify as an expert in my case.

  • Physical Location: The conservative physician specialist or board certified medical doctor recruited to conduct the independent medical exam, legal defense exams, or doctor exams needs to be located in close proximity to the claimant, but not associated with the treating physician specialist.

  • It is always a key to travel 50-100 miles from the treating physician in order to receive an independent medical exam.

  • Willingness to testify: The conservative physician or board certified medical doctor must be experienced in the legal defense exam and IME fields.

  • Complete and thorough legal case evaluation from an expert legal nurse consultant, includes a doctor exam, medical record review, and diagnostic readings.

3.       Do you know the red flags in medical legal cases that indicate a doctor exam or independent medical evaluation is necessary?

  • Is the claimant non-compliant regarding medical treatment, independent medical exams, or doctor exam appointments?

  • Why aren't there objective medical findings on the clinical doctor exam and diagnostics?

  • Is the claimant being examined by the wrong conservative physician specialists and does the medical treatment prescribed seem excessive or inappropriate?

  • Is the claimant showing little to no improvement following the doctor exam?

  • Has the claimant had a prior medical injury of the same nature?

  • Was the accident minor and no initial medical treatment, legal defense, doctor exam, or independent medical examination (IME) was sought?

  • Did the claimant report an injury on a Monday that actually occurred on a Friday or after a Holiday?

  • Are excessive medical bills for doctor exams or medical treatment forcing a peer review of cost and care provided?

  • Did the claimant report physical injuries that are more than the affected or specified areas? Are medical claims being made that report that the claimant's entire body is in pain and hurts as a result of the incident?


Independent Medical Evaluations, Inc. Corporate Office
IME, Inc.
211 Beaumont Place
Traverse City, Michigan-MI, USA 49684
Phone: (231) 929-1474
Toll-Free: (800) 968-4637
Fax: (231) 929-4356
Email: info@imei.com

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